Casey Central Secondary College in Melbourne is set to open its doors to more than 1,000 students soon, and like most schools, large, open-planned areas are the ideal. However these large areas require long trusses to answer their roofing challenges.

As cost and time were critical factors, licensed MiTek fabricator Bowens Roof Trusses (Dandenong) and PosiStruts were chosen for the roofing system. Bowens have a purpose-built PosiStrut production line and the capacity to meet a large demand in a short deadline.

More than 14,500 lineal meters of PosiStruts were used for this project, meaning that more than 2,000 individual PosiStruts were manufactured. This included over 35,000 lineal metres of timber, 4,500+ PosiStrut Webs and nearly 40,000 Gang-Nail connector plates.

The longest trusses were in excess of 11m (doubled), with most accommodating a 1.2m cantilever. As the buildings were erected on concrete slabs, the open-webbed design of the roofing system allowed excellent access for services too, further aiding the developer’s ability to meet a testing deadline.

More information roofing systems is available from MiTek Australia .