The FastFit MKIV Girder Bracket, now available from MiTek has been designed to secure girder trusses to the side of secondary girder truss bottom chords in a safe, quick and efficient manner. The girder brackets are able to support heavy loads.

These heavy duty girder brackets are easy to fix and very lightweight, especially when compared to many brackets currently on the market. Installation of the galvanised steel brackets is simple, using either screws or bolts.

An advantage of the MiTek FastFit MKIV Girder Bracket is that they are easy to fit using screws, where many comparable brackets can only be fixed using bolts. Bolt fixing can take time and require bigger holes than screws which can potentially compromise the strength of the timber. Screws offer the benefit of faster fixing and enable higher uplift capacity from the brackets.

The MiTek FastFit MKIV Girder Brackets come with specially manufactured screws that are suitable for use with both steel and timber. The bracket screws are galvanised anti-split and self tapping.

The screw holes of the girder brackets have also been configured to give a tighter, stiffer fit, spreading loads more evenly. Thanks to the design of the girder brackets’ screws and screw holes the need for pre-drilling has been eliminated, saving on time and effort.

The girder brackets are ideal for securing LVL, treated pine and hardwood trusses. They are manufactured with rounded corners for safe and easy handling.

The FastFit MKIV Girder Brackets have been rigorously tested and have achieved AS1649 Australian Testing Standards.