MiTek Australia announces a new engineered building product, the HGB35 hip girder bracket designed to assist in the fixing of a diagonal hip truss or hip rafter to a girder truss bottom chord in conjunction with a MiTek FastFit MkIII (GB340) or MiTek FastFit MkIV (GB440/475) girder bracket.

The fixing holes in the patent pending HGB35 hip girder brackets have been designed to align with those on the FastFit girder bracket to share the same screws when being fixed to the perpendicular incoming truss and girder truss. 

The MiTek MSA1430 and MSA1465 anti-split self-drilling screws do not require pre-drilling into any underlying MiTek connector plate blocking the holes as they self-tap their way through with ease. The specially designed self-guiding holes on the sloping sides of the HGB35 will also hold the MSA1465 screws straight and true, and direct them at the correct angle to ease fixing into the diagonal hip truss.

The hip girder bracket can be fitted on either side of the FastFit girder bracket and does not have any screw heads protruding below the bottom chord level, avoiding any interference with the finishing of the plasterboard ceiling.