A recent home construction on the edge of Ballarat’s picturesque Lake Wendouree presented experienced Ballarat builders, Tim Williams and Jeff Dyett, with a challenge.

The three storey concept was the creation of David Poulton, designer at Studio DP. David, who is committed to sustainable housing, was delighted to respond to a brief that demanded a house ‘that would be harmonious with its environment, while performing as a true family home’.

The design considered several environmentally conscious methods of heating, which included insulting the exterior walls by creating a deep wall cavity. The product innovation that caught David’s eye for this particular task was PosiStruts from MiTek Australia .

PosiStruts are an open web truss system that combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of timber for custom made systems. David proposed that PosiStrut was used to create walls, rather than its usual application as a flooring, and or, roofing solution in building construction.

Although P & K Roof Trusses has a wealth of experience constructing PosiStruts, manager, Jeff Dyett, felt that the unusual nature of the project demanded collaboration with MiTek engineer, Dean Ashton, to ensure that all the engineering requirements where met.

P & K Roof Trusses made 200 PosiStruts in total; 40 for the sub-floor, 80 for the first and 80 for the second floor. Pods were the constructed from these PosiStruts and used to create entire walls.

Benefits of PosiStruts include:

Varied range of applications; flooring, roofing, walls
Can achieve high strength with minimal use of material;and
Environmentally responsible construction solution

Further information about PosiStruts trusses can be found online.