The Gang-Nail brace wall bracket from Mitek Australia is used for for fixing non load bearing bracing walls to trusses.


The Brace Wall Bracket has been developed to connect the ceiling diaphram to the top of non load bearing walls and enables lateral loads to be distributed into bracing walls in accordance with AS1684.2 and AS1684.3“Residential Timber-Framed Construction” clause


  1. Wrap the Brace Wall Bracket under the truss bottom chord when the truss is perpendicular to the wall or under the trimmer when the truss direction is parallel to wall.
  2. Position the bracket centrally on top of the wall and fix with eight 30 x 2.8mm MiTek galvanized reinforced head nails
  3. Fix to truss or trimmer at top of each slot with one 30 x 2.8mm MiTek galvanized reinforced head nail from both sides. Leave a small gap between nail head and bracket to allow for vertical movement of truss onloading.

Uses of the Gang-Nail brace wall bracket:

  • Each Brace Wall Bracket replaces a pair of timber shear blocks.
  • Acts simultaneously as an Internal Wall Bracket.

Advantages of the Gang-Nail brace wall bracket: 

  • Easier and faster to install than timber shear blocks.
  • Not prone to splitting (compared to timber blocks).
  • Lab tested and proven to comply with AS1684 requirements
  • Combine shear blocks and internal wall bracket into one single fixing.