MiTek Australia offers an accredited training course focused specifically on the installation of trusses.

Early in 2011, MiTek Australia developed a co-ordinated, accredited truss installation training course that focused specifically on identifying the correct procedures for the installation of roof trusses.

The course attracted interest from licensed MiTek fabricator, AAA Advanced Truss P/L. In turn, Porter Davis, a valued client of AAA was also enthusiastic about becoming involved with the training.

Porter Davis’s Group Building Manager, Wayne Walsh explained ‘We are always looking for new ways to improve on the quality of our homes...and this just seemed a natural progression of that.’

The accredited truss installation training course covers the basic input routines required to use and operate the MiTek 20/20 Roof Truss program, and attempts to explore solutions to tackling more uncommon roof truss installation.

Wayne also explained that additional benefits of the accredited truss installation training course include:

Being able to run the course to suit individual timetables
A choice of location and venue;and
An accredited qualification for supervisors and installers.