Greening urban environments is one of the solutions to combat climate change, with some cities now mandating a minimum greening element to central city structures. One way to do it is by growing plants or introducing living greenery in your home or building.

Greening your environment also has a pleasant physical and visual experience for most people. Consequently, there is an increasing trend to add ‘green walls’ both inside and outside the building or home. And stainless steel is the product that is enabling this development.

Stainless steel wire provides a safe and secure linear structure that plants naturally love to climb onto or run along. Stainless can handle this very nicely because of its resilience to the elements and plant tissue. Today there are many options to achieve the greening of a building with stainless steel wire and components. 

Internal vertical structures

There is a myriad of items that can facilitate a green wall inside a home, both as a standalone feature or as an addition to an existing wall. This means it's very simple and definitely exciting to be able to add an extra texture to internal walls, and in many cases, make them a distinctive feature as well.

Overhead structures over patios, decks, and walkways

The same thing can be applied in outdoor settings as well – but with an added component of having greenery run overheard. This allows for shade structures, green ‘tunnels’, and arbours that can drastically change the dynamic of an outdoor area. All of these are easily achievable with stainless wire systems that will not only cater for the plants but will also be strong enough to take the added weight. 

Garden walls and trellises

An outdoor garden wall is a universal favourite and can be installed virtually anywhere. The different ways stainless steel supports a myriad of structures showcase the material’s versatility. For this application, there is something for everyone.  

Garden wall

Something ‘funky’

And then there is the ability to create something arty or funky. Standalone sculptures can be abstract or specific in nature, uniform to the plant arrangements or something manmade to exist as a sculpture. Imagine the possibilities and let stainless steel deliver the method. 

As you can see, there are different ways to achieve greening in your property and stainless steel remains not only the best aesthetic approach but also the least expensive as well.

Check out Miami Stainless for all the options for creating your own green wall today.