Across Australia, the number of high-rise developments is growing at a rapid pace. This is only projected to continue, in line with a nationwide shift toward urban living that has prompted architects to innovate in the design of high rise buildings, most notably their skins. Today, building product manufacturers must meet increasing market demand for thermal performance, ease of installation, and compliance with Australian Standards in relation to fire safety.

With their new whitepaper, Sounding the alarm of combustible facades: A new standard and a way forward, Australian building products manufacturer Bondor/Metecno clearly explain the Australian landscape surrounding the fire performance of building façades. Firstly, the whitepaper explains the basic premises of curtain wall systems and fire safety, before proceeding to distinguish between non-conforming and non-compliant building products. Then, the whitepaper takes a closer look at the Lacrosse fire and the shockwaves that this incident has sent throughout the Australian industry. To conclude, it presents MetecnoKasset®, the first façade system to have met all the rigorous requirements of AS5113 – Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings.

Part of the Australian Bondor/Metecno Group, Metecno PIR has established themselves as frontrunners within the façade and fire performance arenas. Following extensive testing, their MetecnoKasset® façade system has been shown to offer superior thermal and fire performance, and has emerged as an ideal curtain wall solution for commercial and multiresidential applications.

To learn more about the requirements surrounding fire performance in Australia and how these can be adequately addressed, download Sounding the alarm of combustible facades: A new standard and a way forward.