Reusable cash bags from Mega Fortris Australia are manufactured from heavy duty rip-stop PVC material.

All Cash Bags come with the patented TEBCO sealable zip closure system that uses a unique low cost seal to ensure that once sealed, the contents of the cash bag cannot be tampered with without evidence.

Internal identity windows, reverse sewn zips and the patented TEBCO zip system are all security features of reusable cash bags.

The range of Mega Fortris reusable cash bags is available in variety of stock sizes and colours. The reusable cash bags can also be customised to better suit specific requirement.

When used with Mega Fortris range of low cost security seals the reusable cash bags can be used time and time again with complete security and integrity. The reusable cash bags are designed for use by retailers, clubs, casinos, government departments and cash in transit companies.

Reusable chambered cash bags will deter theft, employee suspicion and increase accountability within businesses.

Mega Fortris range of reusable cash bags can help protect businesses by improving the safety, security and the integrity of employees.