Maxiply recommends the Russian Birch as a viable, sustainable, economical and higher quality alternative to Hoop Pine plywood.

Maxiply's Russian Birch Multiply is a multi-layer plywood panel manufactured from plantation grown Birch logs with a short grain medium density hardwood that grows in the cold northern climate of Europe/Russia. 

Russian Birch has all the qualities of Hoop Pine in terms of durability and versatility plus added economic and aesthetic benefits as Russian Birch retains its light colour and beautiful markings years after installation. 

Maxiply has integrated Birch veneer sheets in all layers of their Russian Birch plywood using high-quality glue and state-of-the art manufacturing equipment to ensure the resulting plywood product meets global quality standards.

Key benefits of Maxiply Russian Birch plywood include a surface free of gaps and other defects for excellent impact resistance; a very smooth working surface; great screw holding power – useful in building, construction and auto/trailer industries; and exceptional strength and durability. The grain may run in either direction on the face of the sheet.

Due to the near absence of defects, Russian Birch plywood has an attractive side profile, making it an excellent material for furniture, feature walls, audio studios and various joinery projects. Designers, architects and craftsmen even design their projects so that Russian Birch plywood’s beautiful layers are visible as a decorative feature of natural wood.

Birch Plywood is also used extensively in the construction, formwork and automotive body industries with the application of a Film Face surface. These Film Faced Birch plywood products have added advantages of strength and non-slip finishes, providing economic benefits with their reusable characteristics.

Maxiply offers a cut to size service in addition to supplying the Russian Birch plywood panels perforation cut to order.

Maxiply also offers a comprehensive range of Hoop Pine, Marine Ply, Falcata Ply, PureBond Ply and other ply products.