Several plywood panel products from MAXI Plywood were used in a unique design project at the MIRVAC Melbourne office with stunning results.

The design team at MIRVAC Melbourne used MAXI Plywood products to create their ‘Zen Den’ in the SouthBank office. This was part of the MIRVAC Hatch Project initiated by MIRVAC across Australia, which encouraged each state office to creatively and collaboratively design a unique meeting room for the staff.

MAXI Plywood worked closely with the SouthBank design team to successfully complete their Zen Den project.

Premium quality MAXI Birch timber was used for the main cabinet wall. Each wall panel was finished with eco safe OSMO Oil and the exposed plywood side edge highlighted with an eye-catching black timber stain. The OSMO Oil finish brings out the natural warmth and beauty of the northern European Birch with the black exposed ply edges adding depth and definition.

Juxtaposed with the wall panels, Black MAXI Film plywood sheets line the recessed shelf unit with OSMO protected exposed natural timber edges.

The open book shelf, installed on top of solid timber cupboards features a selection of MAXI Film panels in White, Yellow and Black to create space, colour and light; the randomly placed blocks of colour give definition and an element of fun to the exposed timber framework.

MAXI Film plywood sheets in White promote the quirky light hearted element of the room with the wall spelling out ‘Zen Den’ in perforated dots. The quality Phenolic Film and Birch core allows the cleanly machined perforated dots to provide a visually unique wall surface to announce the name and atmosphere of the popular new meeting space.