European Birch from Maxiply is a true favourite of most designers, architects and furniture manufacturers. Till recently, only truly innovative Scandinavian designers could visualise the real beauty of European Birch and create design masterpieces in furniture and architectural structures.

The use of European Birch has evolved over time, and the plywood is highly prized within the interior and furniture design community. Birch plywood is one of the premier specialist timber frameworks with its clean unblemished core highlighting the purity of pale honey blond colour. The plywood edge and clean face surface are utilised in joinery and architectural designs for a diverse range of projects.

Wheelers Cabinets’ design team have innovatively used Birch plywood to create a simple transport solution for the company’s owner to get to work. The bicycle is beautifully carved and polished, and is a creative example of the possibilities of plywood.

MAXI Birch is available in 2440mm x 1220mm sheets in 4mm to 40mm thickness options.