Birch plywood has successfully risen to the top of the design tree with its pale clean unblemished face reflecting the design needs of today’s contemporary architectural and joinery look. From using it in its natural state for lining ceilings and walls to adding a film face, Birch offers myriad possibilities in architectural plywood design.

MAXI Plywood is at the forefront of design and architectural possibilities with Birch’s strength and versatility. New in-house design applications for MAXI Birch plywood are now available.

Unique to MAXI Plywood, MAXI Edge Fineline is a brilliant Birch plywood in a selection of geometric and angular patterns. This MAXI Edge product range can be manufactured as a long solid piece or the patterned veneer layer can be added to a customer’s choice of substrate timber species. Once the pattern has been decided upon, the whole look can be altered with the application of OSMO Timber Oil in one of their exciting colours and tints, offering a distinct look for every interior design requirement.

MAXI Film and MAXI Hex are now design favourites with architects and joinery artisans. The pale, nearly flawless exposed birch edge is an exciting visual element promoted in both building design and contemporary furniture designs. When combined with the trendsetting colours and textures now available, one can achieve innovative design outcomes.

When designs are CNC routed or etched into these Birch ply sheets, the purity of the ply core is proven with clean exact cut lines. Acoustic panelling with Birch plywood creates a stunning effect while the pale warmth of this eco renewable resource is beautifully amplified when minute patterns are routed to create an image worth gracing any wall.

Communicating information either in a commercial application or for domestic decoration is simple when MAXI Film is the preferred display material. Whether small in size or utilising the complete plywood sheet size, the written word becomes a visual drawcard with the juxtaposition of the exposed birch and coloured film face.

MAXI Birch, MAXI Film, MAXI Edge Fineline and MAXI Hex have invigorated the design world with infinite design options in contemporary architecture and furniture joinery.

Image: MAXI Edge Solid Desktop