Whether in the workplace, public areas or domestic locations, walking surfaces are potential hazards. Usually it’s the most attractive floor surfaces that turn into skating rinks at the first hint of water. Introducing MagicGrip (by MagicGrip Pty Ltd ) - the fast track solution to making floors safe, without changing the aesthetics at all.

According to the CSIRO, slips and fall injuries account for around three quarters of all public liability incidents, costing Australia billions every year. It even exceeds the cost of injuries in motor vehicle accidents. The CSIRO also says that the vast majority of these incidents are classified as preventable.

MagicGrip will provide you with safer non-slip surfaces and a large degree of protection from expensive workers compensation, legal and public liability claims. It may also entitle you to reduced insurance premiums.

The MagicGrip process is also permanent. In fact, it comes with an unconditional two-year warranty, which is extendable to ten years.

MagicGrip is one of the few slip resistive processes that achieves the relevant Australian Standards, specifically NS/NZS 4586 and 4663, and now offer slip resistance testing to back that up.

Let a MagicGrip technician assess your slip hazard areas. Their no-nonsense approach will simplify the many grey areas of the OHS and Duty of Care legislation.