Reinventing tradition, fabrics with botanic prints and a more evolved textured fabric are some of the interior design trends predicted for 2018 by Jenny Brown, National Marketing Manager, Luxaflex Window Fashions.

1. One interior design/ styling trend for 2018

‘Traditional’ is back in vogue with a small twist. The cyclical nature of design trends brings back traditional icons reinvented for the modern space of 2018 and beyond using colour and texture. Comfort and textiles enjoy a natural affinity and come together to exude a soft, gentle tactility. Colour will be determined by highly immersive seasonal inspirations, which are applied to a variety of textures to elevate them into the new.

The reinvention trend is largely influenced by the urbanisation phenomenon that's making an impact in residential and commercial interior design. The focus on large-scale waste generation and the need to minimise it is also driving the reinvention trend.

2. A trend from 2017 that will continue to be relevant in 2018

Printed fabrics with a focus on botanics and florals in subtle and bold designs influenced the wellbeing trend in 2017 with their comforting and warm colours. In 2018, interior design will see the continued use of botanics and florals with the trend evolving to healthy living spaces.

The other trend that will continue to evolve and stand the test of time is based on linen textures and designs.

3. A trend from 2017 that’s past its expiry date

One trend from 2017 that has exhausted its appeal is the use of extremely heavy, dimensional weaves in fabric. This year will see a more refined version of textured fabrics with captivating yarn usage, and subtle tactile surfaces that use colour play to create depth and dimension. Metallics have also fallen out of favour.

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