Hunter Douglas Commercial  presents roller blinds with patented EDGE technology, a new roller blind hardware system for modern projects.

Delivering an ergonomic design for greater efficiency, the roller blinds with patented EDGE technology are ideal for covering window expanses without compromising on aesthetics, according to Sandra Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for Hunter Douglas Commercial.

Given that current trends demand window coverings to suit different types of applications, the versatile new hardware system meets the unique requirements of all types of windows including dual, linked, head box, corner and bay windows.

The two standard linking systems comprise of the connector set, which minimises the intermediate gap on linked configurations, and the aligner link that maximises flexibility during installation with a fine adjustment option for aligning the level of multiple blinds perfectly.

Key features of the roller blinds with patented EDGE technology:

  • Both systems provide an allowance of 15 degrees to allow the blinds to hang perfectly even if slightly misaligned
  • 45- and 90-degree linking mechanism available for bay windows
  • Independent linking option available for configurations requiring multiple operation
  • Roller blinds also available with the ellipse balance rail designed with perfect weight distribution to ensure fabrics hang and roll straight every time
  • Can be operated using standard chain drive or motorised operation
  • Standard chain drive available in two ratio mechanisms - 1:1 and 1:1.75, enabling a heavier blind to be lifted with ease
  • Spring-loaded idle ends ensure smooth and easy installation
  • Aluminium tubes engineered to perform with minimal deflection to span over large expanses
  • Hardware components available in four colour options: white, black, grey and magnolia
  • Contemporary 84mm projection head box system available in an anodised and powder coated finish with colour coded end caps