Thor: Ragnarok is creating a lot of buzz in the movie world these days. This new film from Marvel was partly filmed in Brisbane, during which time some places in the CBD were transformed into a mini-New York.

Locker Group has already delivered visually-stunning structures all over Australia through their range of building materials and innovative designs. Here are some products from Locker Group’s signature architecture range designed to captivate even Marvel’s Avengers.

Woven Wire

An epic battle is on outside while the city’s people hide in buildings. Luckily, Locker’s architectural woven wire allows them to watch the superheroes in peace.

Made from a variety of metals, the architecturally innovative design combines a delicate textural finish with a robust substrate for a striking look. Locker’s architectural woven wire is ideal for sun shading, partial one-way screening, or just adding a funky edge to your building facade. Woven wire is manufactured to individual specifications, and is guaranteed to impress any superhero in the neighbourhood.

Hi Light Louvres

The hot sun beats down hard and fast as people watch the battle from the relative safety of their buildings. Trapped indoors where it is getting uncomfortably stuffy, these people can’t even roll down a window safely. Locker’s Hi Light Louvres provide perfect sun shading and protection from glare, and the design also allows for natural airflow, keeping the building cool and breezy.

Locker’s Hi Light Louvres are available in a variety of finishes for different looks; offer resistance to UV damage; and come in a dazzling array of bright colours that are perfect for brightening up traditionally dull monochrome inner-city spaces.

Pic Perf Metal

The bad guys are defeated and the day is saved; it’s now time to immortalise the faces of the victorious Avengers in the city’s architecture as a tribute to their heroic work.

Locker’s Pic Perf perforated metal screens use durable and customisable facades to create long-lasting metallic images. Using an innovative three-dimensional crescent system, Pic Perf can be customised to a variety of surfaces and sizes, adding an eye-catching dimension in a choice of finishes. Pic Perf brings to life maps, symbols and even portraits, giving the structure a truly unique character. The Avengers’ heroic faces can watch over the city forever, protecting it against evildoers.

Contact Locker Group to explore innovative building materials and styles, and give your structure a visual edge in the urban space.