Locker Group offers a diverse range of solutions designed to meet a business’ industrial architecture needs. Addressing various issues from security and safety to conveying, these building materials combine toughness, unrivalled functionality and durability with great visual appeal.

Expanded Security metal mesh

Designed to provide security in industrial environments, Locker Group’s Expanded Security metal mesh is quite similar to traditional mesh sheets that are placed over doors and windows as flyscreens with one-way vision technology preventing outsiders from looking inside. However, Expanded Security mesh is set inside a reinforced frame to act as a lightweight but durable security fence. Expanded Security has passed all Australian standards for impact damage and security, making it the perfect option to secure a leaky defence or valuable industrial unit.

Conveyer belting 

Locker Group’s Expanded Security mesh also comes in perforated metal, with its small holes able to withstand hot embers from bushfires or sheer impact from knives and other objects. The conveyer belts are made from a variety of metals to customer specifications, and can operate under extreme temperature or pressure conditions with assured durability.

The belting is truly fit-for-purpose: Conveyer belts for lightweight products are made using Flexigrid parallel wiring to eliminate potential damage while strong steel mesh is used for heavier products to counteract extreme conditions and heavy loads. The metal belts are all easily assembled and able to withstand an extremely broad temperature range from blast chilling at -250°C to heating and drying at +1200°C.

Gridwalk flooring

Gridwalk is an expanded metal flooring range from Locker Group, designed to create industrially tough floors and walkways that’ll stand up to most conditions. Featuring an expanded diamond pattern to provide extra strength and grip for walking or transporting equipment, Gridwalk flooring is easy to install with customers offered the option to use removable fixing clips for adaptability, or weld them directly to a structure for increased strength.

Gridwalk metal flooring is virtually maintenance-free and durable in most industrial processes, making it the perfect option for those looking for a strong and reliable base that won’t collapse beneath them.

Contact the Locker Group team if you are seeking architectural solutions that have proven success and functionality in industrial environments.