As demand for multi-residential developments increase due to population growth, multi-storey car parks have become a necessary fixture of the Australian urban landscape. 

Expanded and perforated metal experts Locker Group have recently released a new whitepaper exploring this issue, examining the key concerns of designing safe and effective car park design. Titled Effective car park design for tomorrow’s dense cities, the whitepaper examines the current deficiencies of car park safety measures, before looking into the distinctions between mechanical and passive ventilation in safeguarding users’ health. Moreover, the whitepaper also explores the aesthetic potential and the need to respect the surrounding urban environment. In doing so, Effective car park design for tomorrow’s dense cities expands upon designers’ current understanding of what makes a successful multi-storey car park, and debunks the idea that car parks need only be a utilitarian addition in a project’s eleventh hour.  

The whitepaper is free to download. To find out more about the key considerations of successful car park design, click the link below to download Effective car park design for tomorrow’s dense cities.