When buying materials for a project, it’s natural to order a little extra to cover for any design modifications or mishaps. However, very often, you do end up with leftover wire mesh or perforated metal. These materials need not go to scrap if you follow these creative ideas from Meshstore by Locker Group. Leftover metal products can be used in ingenious ways for practical applications or as a creative exercise.

Wire mesh

Typically recommended for industrial flooring and fencing, woven wire mesh can be used as a convenient accessory in the garden. Instead of a trellis structure, use wire mesh to support growing climbers. The wire mesh from Meshstore is fairly thick and sturdy to support grapes, cucumbers, and other heavy plant varieties.

Leftover expanded wire mesh can also be transformed into a ‘bulletin board’ type wall hanging, which is useful for hanging keys, jewellery or even small hand tools.


If you are artistically inclined, you can incorporate wire mesh into your creative processes. In this example, artist Elaine Weiner-Reed has carefully manipulated a small sheet of mesh to support a plaster sculpture.

Perforated metal

Perforated metal sheets are ideal for flooring, screening and balustrades among many other applications. If you have some left over from any project, you could spruce up old shelves by adding cabinet doors or sliding screens using the perforated sheets.


Perforated metal sheets can be used to refresh old outdoor furniture. For instance, you can use the metal sheet to replace a damaged or worn-out table top.


Perforated metal sheets from Meshstore have been used in cool applications such as this Swatch that has been transformed into an extremely wearable fashion accessory. You could try to replicate this on a wall clock.

Get creative this summer with your excess metal products. For all your wire mesh and perforated metal needs, Meshstore has you covered.