Two Transit mesh profiles from Locker Group were used to create a bold sculpture installed on the corner of Stanhope Parkway and Conrad Road, Ponds in Sydney in 2008.

Public art was a key part of the Ponds development, with the designer seeking to comment on Sydney’s changing climate in a memorable way. To accomplish this mission Landcom commissioned artists Milne and Stonehouse, who created ‘Float’, an iconic artwork within the Ponds community, providing a focal point for the area.

Locker Group worked closely with the artists to create the soft billowing umbrellas using two Transit mesh profiles. The artwork for Float featured twelve large sculptured umbrellas, aiming for a timeless piece, designed to blend with the suburban landscape and to become part of its footprint forever. Clouston and Associates designed the surrounding landscape. 

Locker Group brought the artists’ imagination to life with two Transit meshes, F160 and F281, each with specifically manufactured stainless steel mesh pieces, shaped to fit the upside down umbrella skin. The umbrella structures are mounted on metal poles, the tallest standing 12 metres high. The art installation has inset LED lighting, which is programmed to respond to the seasons and rainfall.

Located in a busy intersection, ‘Float’ is one of the unique major artwork and design installations that explores the presence and absence of water in the landscape. The umbrellas hung upside down are brilliantly lit to create a sense of drama.

At night the umbrellas glow with soft colours and change with the seasons. When it rains, the umbrella lights respond with a dance to celebrate the return of water to the landscape to add further impact to the bold sculpture.