Locker Group supplied customised architectural mesh products to provide a better and safer play experience to children visiting the award-winning Frew Park playground in Brisbane, Queensland. Known for its imaginative urban jungle design and sporty feel, the now iconic playground has won multiple awards, including the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects' Award of Excellence and the IAI Queensland State Architecture Award. 

Guymer Bailey Architects engaged Locker Group to design and install the metalwork for this safe and extraordinary space, which plays on an industrial theme. The urban jungle effect comes from original street art featuring native birds and cityscape scenes on the walls of the playground.

Design highlights of the Frew Park playground include a big climbing wall, basketball hoops, twisting tunnels, large nets, suspended cages, angular climbing surfaces, and an undulating slide. The playground also carries influences from Brisbane’s rich tennis culture with giant tennis balls for kids to mount as well as a steel metal mesh commentary box suspended eight metres off the ground in which they can sit. The part of the playground commemorating the town's past tennis accomplishments is geared towards older children, aged 10 to 15.

In addition to creative designs, Guymer Bailey wanted products that were safe and functional. For instance, Locker Group was asked to create a structure that would prevent kids from climbing certain equipment as well as products that gave children a degree of visibility through the mini-holes so they could look out on the little metropolis. After consulting with Locker Group's specialists, Guymer Bailey Architects also realised that a stainless steel construction would eliminate the need for special coating and cut their costs. 

Locker Group specialises in providing custom design services to their clients, ensuring the desired project outcomes. In the Frew Park project, the company was able to supply custom designed products made to Guymer’s theme in visually appealing forms and shapes.

Locker Group’s architectural products are available in a range of materials; perforated facades can be supplied in stainless steel, copper and aluminium. The highly functional mesh product, which was used by Guymer Bailey Architects in the Frew Park project, comes in mild steel, galvanised steel, brass and stainless steel in both AISI 304 and 316 grades as well as various roll and sheet sizes. Locker Group can also provide non standard sheets for projects upon request.

Once the right material is finalised for any application, Locker Group can supply the products in the desired finish from powder-coating, electroplating or anodised options.