Lift Shop  offers a wide range of lifts for commercial as well as residential purposes. Lift Shop provides Supermec, Elfolift and Freedomlift lifts.

Freedom lifts from Lift Shop include residential lifts which provide value for homes. These lifts are designed for affordability, they are elegant, simple and include self rescue within cabin. Popular range of finishes and capacity of four persons or three hundred twenty kilograms is also found in Freedom Lifts.

Elfolift is designed for luxury homes. These have swing landing doors, single phase 20 A, they utilise shaft area in the maximum possible way, have hundred thirty millimetres pit and twenty five hundred millimetres of head space. Elfolift from Lift Shop travels at a maximum legal speed of 0.30 metre per second, has a capacity of five persons, has sensation factor finish and is available in custom size.

Supermec brand is for those who demand the best and care about their planet, as it is considered to be totally green. Supermec has a sliding door, no machine space is required, it has ultra smooth traction drive, has an energy efficiency of next generation and has minimal pit and headroom spaces. This lift has a capacity of seven persons, has an elegant and modern styling.