LedFX  supply LuxStar full fluorescent edge lit poster boxes that measure just 29mm thick, offering a sleek design and a stylish addition to any fitout.

LuxStar edge lit poster boxes are extremely bright with no hot spots and have a low heat emission from the screen. These fluorescent poster displays will not fade the message contained therein. The edge lit poster boxes are very thin with a low profile so they are very easy to retro fit.

LuxStar fluorescent edge lit poster boxes are environmentally friendly and contain no mercury or sodium with no UV emissions. The fluorescent tubes are simple to change and will not require an electrician to do so.

The clear acrylic face is 4.5mm thick and has a painted border that is reversible. It is available in standard black or silver colours; however, other colours are available on request.
The face of the poster box is secured magnetically and removal is only possible with the suction cup provided.

4.5mm clear acrylic face with reverse painted border. Standard colours are black or silver with other colours available upon request.