Available from LedFX , LedStar internal LED panels have been designed to maximise brightness in confined spaces while consuming minimum amounts of energy. These 11.6mm thick LED panels can be custom made to any size or shape using high brightness LEDs to illuminate a laser etched dot matrix, offering consistent illumination across the whole LED panel.

Compared to fluorescent tubes traditionally used in lightboxes, LedStar internal LED panels provide full backlit illumination using very little power, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Features of LedStar LED panels include:

  • Can be custom fit into any width/length posterbox 
  • High brightness with virtually no heat emission 
  • Internal and external applications available 
  • Long life span of 50,000 hours plus 
  • Manufactured to any size or shape 
  • Simple to install using safe 12 volt power 
  • Ultra thin profile suitable for all applications

LedStar LED panels can be used for projects that require a backlit effect within the confines of limited space. This LED light solution uses cutting edge LED technology that emits no UV rays or heat, and this environmentally friendly LED panel can illuminate posters, displays or even ice in the base of a refrigerated display unit.


LedStar internal LED panels can be made fully waterproof if required and using only a 12 volt power supply it is extra safe for all areas, indoors or outdoors.