T8 LED Fluorescent replacement lighting tube is the latest LED lighting product to be added to the Eco-LED lighting range from LedFX .

LED Fluro™ is designed to directly replace all conventional T8 fluorescent tubes that provide general lighting for commercial, residential and architectural lighting applications. Each LED Fluro™ light has an IP54 rating. Available LED Fluro light sizes are as followed:

  • 1500mm (4.92ft) LED fluorescent light: 420 LEDs, 19w
  • 1200mm (3.93ft) LED fluorescent light: 342 LEDs,16w
  • 600mm (1.96ft) LED fluorescent light: 174 LEDs, 8w


The advantages of LED Fluro™ lights:

  • Each LED Fluro™ has a 110 degree beam angle
  • LED Fluro™ is a direct replacement for all conventional T8 fluorescent tubes
  • LED Fluro™ power consumption: 8w to 19w
  • LED Fluro™ uses 50% less energy than a standard fluorescent tube
  • Produces low temperatures for added safety with no maintenance required
  • LED Fluro™ has an IP54 rating
  • LED Fluro™ colours: white. However, red, green, blue, pink and violet are available by special order
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable light source


LED Fluro™ lights have a long life, running up to 50,000 hours or more, which compares to about 10,000 hours for fluorescents this means big savings in maintenance bills through less tube replacements. That’s years of continuous use. All LED light products run on a low voltage, with low heat radiation and no UV emissions. They are also moisture and impact resistant.

LedFX has been specialising in architectural LED lighting for over 10 years. LedFX custom manufactures LED illumination systems to suit all types of LED lighting project requirements.