LedFX  offers a variety of LED signage products that are high quality and suitable for a number of applications.

LedLooms are mainly for use with the gaming industry and are often installed in casinos and gaming rooms. They replace old bud light systems that frequently blow out and look very unsightly, and they up to 90% less power than old lighting systems, helping to save on power bills.

EdgeledRGB is an edge and halo lighting system that provides signs with a modern look.

EdgeledRGB LED signage lighting offers a Neon-like halo that colour changing effects that can be paused on any colour. Edgeled can also be designed in any effect with the full range of colours.

Edgeled LED signage lighting products can be combined with engraved Acrylic to achieve an edgelit blade sign.

LedFX design and manufacture all of the control systems for their LED signage lighting in Australia, allowing them to design and build any control effects desired

There is also a range of off the shelf LED signs such as OPEN signs and LED scrolling signs available from LedFX.