LedFX  has an expanded its range of flexible LED strip lighting, making any architectural lighting design possible.

Flexible LED strip lighting from LedFX is available for interior or exterior use, and the exterior flexible LEDs are waterproof and can be fully submerged.

The flexible LED strip lighting can be wrapped around curves or bends, used in straight sections and is perfect for areas where space and maintenance is an issue. All LED strip lighting is provided with tape on the reverse side for easy and permanent installation.

The new additions to the range of flexible LED strip lighting : 


  • FlexLED 3010 sideview LED strips for inward/outward curves
  • FlexLED 3528 LED strips with Standard Output
  • FlexLED 3528 waterproof LED strips with Standard Output
  • FlexLED 5060 LED RGB strips with High Output
  • FlexLED 5060 waterproof LED strips with High Output


All LED strip lighting is available in 5 metre rolls. LedFX can also supply custom lengths to suit lighting project specifications.

LED strip lighting is available in red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white and RGB full colour changing with remote control. Flexible LED strip lighting has a continuous life span running for more than 50,000 hours and uses up to 90% less energy to run than conventional lighting.

LED strip lighting is environmentally friendly, contains no mercury or sodium and the solid state electronic light source (Light Emitting Diodes) means virtually no maintenance is required.

Flexible LED strips can be DIY installed safely as they use safe extra low 12 volts, have low heat radiation and no UV emissions.