When the new Deluxe Hilton Hotel on the Yarra at Southbank was built, designers chose to specify numerous custom lighting solutions from LedFX .   The designers of the Hilton required a custom-designed bedhead lamp and LedFX provided an environmentally friendly solution that used low voltage LED lights.  

The bedhead lamp needed to fit within the very tight confines between the front face of the bedhead and the wall (50mm) and still be flush with the face of the bedhead when closed.  

LedFX used LEDs to ease any heat dissipation problems and keeps the fitting small, while still emitting the light that the Hilton interior designers required. To operate the LedFX bedhead lamp, guests simply need to push the front of the lamp and it opens outwards 90 degrees and turns on automatically. To switch it just needs to be closed.    

LedFX also supplied other products for the Hilton fitout. The EdgeLED Halo product, with more than 20 metres of LED wall washer, was chosen to help set the tone in the lobby as guests arrive. EdgeLED Halo was also mounted behind shelving units that hold spirit bottles behind the bar, creating a washer effect and lighting up the bottles.  

35 diamond shaped wall washers, each illuminated by a LedFX LED Power Bar, were fitted at the restaurant entrance. Each compact LED light strip emits enough light to illuminate the wall feature, but uses significantly less energy than a standard lamp.    

LedFX Neon-Glo was fitted under the forecourt eaves and in the roof trusses of the restaurant to create an ambient light feature above Hilton Guests.