LedFX  now offer flexible LED strips that can be switched between the colour temperatures of 3000K and 7000K and are also dimmable.

The colour temperature adjustable LED strips are much sought after and provide maximum versatility from a compact light source all at the touch of a button. The LED strips are perfect for commercial, retail or domestic use and can be used in situations where light temperature is an issue, such as product displays or creating a feature lighting effect in the lobby of a commercial building.

The controller of FlexLED colour temperature LED strips covers a range between pure white and warm white and the remote control makes choosing the temperature required easy. The FlexLED strips can be dimmed at the same time, making changes in the ambience of any project possible and incredibly simple.

LedFX can supply FlexLED lighting strips in custom lengths to order or in 5 metre rolls. A power amplifier is required for every 7.5 metres of LED strip lights.  

FlexLED uses low voltage, contains no mercury or sodium and has no UV emissions making it an environmentally friendly lighting solution.