EdgeLED illuminated glass shelving is the new, innovative LED lighting product added to the EcoLED lighting range from LedFX .

EdgeLED shelving is a new custom made LED illuminated shelving system, which enhances the aesthetic of any environment, creating a cutting edge, contemporary feel. LED edgelit shelving is perfect for bars, bistros, clubs, restaurants or any commercial situation to maximise the impact of any product and other architectural and interior designs.

EdgeLED shelving can also be used in shop fronts and retail outlets to add maximum impact (effects) to merchandise.

This EdgeLED shelving can be used in conjunction with any LedFX full colour LED controller, comprising of 4 modes. It allows colours to fade, flash or be paused on any desired colour.

The advantages of EdgeLED shelving are;

  • Available in standard or slumped glass
  • Can be supplied in sections of up to 2 metres in length
  • LED lights available in yellow, orange, red, green, blue, white and full colour changing (RGB)
  • LED edgelit shelving can be used in conjunction with any LedFX LED controller for fading, flashing or pausing
  • LED lights produces low temperatures for added safety with no maintenance required
  • LED lights have a long life, running 50,000 hours plus
  • LED lighting products are environmentally friendly, low heat radiation
  • LED lighting products have No UV emissions
  • Very easy to install safe extra low 12volts


LedFX has been specialising in architectural LED lighting for over 10 years now. LedFX custom manufactures LED lighting products to suit all needs. The LED lighting products are all custom made and designed to suit the individual lighting requirements.