While the concept of Bi-folding doors can be seen in nearly any home it has not been applied as quickly to vehicle access control.

The number of Bi-fold gates started to accelerate in Europe 10 years ago and it is only now that a market is emerging for space conscious sites here in Australia.

Leda-Vannaclip  has developed automated Bi-fold gate. The prototypes developed thus far operate at significantly higher speeds than even high-speed track or cantilever gates. Swing gates, traditionally the slowest gates to operate are even further behind.

Richard Matthews CEO of Leda-Vannaclip reports "over the last year we had received a growing number of enquiries for Bi-fold solutions. Mostly driven by space constraints."

Matthews reported that there were no shortages of European choices but most were prohibitively expensive to bring to Australia. While specific pricing can vary significantly by site, the Australian made Bi-fold is about twice the cost of a traditional gate of the same size yet only half that of the same gate from Europe.

Leda-Vannaclip’s Bi-fold gates are part of its New Industrial and Commercial range.