Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 213) - Trivess Moore on how green is low carbon Aluminium and how can it help us reach our carbon targets? Listen Now
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    The Leafless Guttering System is designed, patented and manufactured in Melbourne by a family business based in Heidelberg. The inventor has had over thirty years experience with roofing products and decided to invent the Leafless gutter guard system when he realized that there were no products on the market that really did the job of keeping leaves out of gutters and reducing maintenance on roofs.
    The majority of products on the market are made from some type of mesh. The big problem with mesh is that the size of the holes in the mesh are so small that they tend to clog up with dust, roof lichen and broken down plant material. When these holes fill up, the mesh almost becomes a flat surface and water will flow over the top and over the edge of your gutter ! Leafless uses a six millimeter hole which is too large to clog up, yet too small to let debris though into your gutter. It is made from aluminium so will not break down in sunlight like so many plastic and Nylon products will. Leafless will not burn in bushfire / ember attack – made from aluminium and has a fire rating of zero (compliant with Australian standards AS 3959 for building in bush fire prone areas).
    Due to the unique corrugated design of leafless, leaves are blown away from your roof more effectively than they are using ANY OTHER GUTTER GUARD PRODUCT, which means your gutters will need no maintenance. Leafless is made from malleable aluminium and can be shaped to any roof type / profile. It is very easy and fast to install which makes leafless a great DIY product or we can send one of our qualified technicians to install Leafless safely to your home. Leafless is the system that leaves you Leafless !

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