Landmark Products introduces the Mettros anti vandal restrooms to address the specific needs of users and councils across Australia.  

Previously known as the Metro, the award winning public toilets feature an all-steel construction to withstand damage in high-use and vandalism-prone areas.

Vandalism and ongoing maintenance are two of the most pressing concerns for asset managers and providers of public toilets. Addressing these issues while also providing a safe, hygienic and user-friendly environment for everyday users has often been a frustrating compromise.

The all-steel construction of the Mettros anti vandal restrooms also includes heavy duty dual-skin wall panels available in a range of finishes and colours. These panels can be easily replaced on site if necessary.

Interior fittings in these public restrooms are predominantly manufactured from stainless steel, providing a hygienic, low maintenance environment.

Mettros anti vandal restrooms can also be adapted to suit specific needs and budgets.