One of the most convenient ways to build a restroom in an open space is with a Landmark kit. Landmark built their first restroom over 10 years ago and, over the past 5 years, have provided over 150 restrooms, from small single-cubicle structures to large amenity blocks.

These have been erected in all types of environments – from mid-city parks to the most difficult to access remote locations. Whether the site is flat or on a steep slope, Landmark can design a kit that can be delivered and erected in the shortest possible time.There is a great deal of specialised expertise and experience at your disposal when you choose Landmark. Their in-house design and engineering team have an impressive track record of successful installations in a wide range of locations, using both conventional and alternative waste systems.

The installation teams have met and overcome almost every imaginable access and terrain obstacle. All this is available to make your project easier. Choose your plumbing and waste alternatives, nominate the facilities and design you prefer – and leave the rest to Landmark.

Landmark’s restroom range comes in two basic categories - Slab on Ground (SOG) for sewer or septic applications or Alternative Waste System (AWS) for non sewered or septic sites that require a self contained treatment system. With these two options, Landmark can always offer the perfect solution for everyone's restroom needs, from a remote or arid location through to modern irrigated environments.