KONE Elevators , the pioneers of machine room-less MonoSpace elevator systems are taking their product technology to the next stage of evolution based on ‘Best Made Better’.

KONE’s ‘Best Made Better’ initiative is based on the four pillars of better design, better ride comfort, better eco-efficiency and better partnership.

Following an assessment of their industry-leading products and technologies, the company found ways to make them better, resulting in a new level of excellence.

Better design

Elevator design is crucial to the ability of a building to make a good impression on users. 

  • KONE conducted a global trend study
  • Customers can now choose from 50 complete looks or customise a unique solution from hundreds of materials, finishes, accessories and lighting options
  • New design options are inspiring, user-friendly and functional, and have been awarded the Good Design award and several red dot design awards
Better ride comfort

One of the key elements that drive user perception about elevator quality, better ride comfort has been enabled by KONE by making changes to the car structure resulting in less noise and vibration, and producing a smoother and more comfortable ride. 

  • A new motor control system, braking system and automatic brake testing offer a safer and quieter ride
  • New motor is smaller, but more powerful than the previous motor
Better eco-efficiency

With eco-efficiency as a goal, KONE has developed a range of technologies that help reduce energy consumption by up to 28%across their product range.

  • KONE was one of the first elevator companies to achieve A Class Energy Efficiency Certification for their volume elevators
  • KONE made a commitment in 2008 to reduce energy consumption by 50% in their elevators, achieving this objective globally in 2010
  • LED lighting in the car uses 80% less energy than halogen lights and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • Advanced standby solutions mean the elevator can ‘power down’ when not in use
  • Renewed EcoDisc coupled with the regenerative drive captures braking energy and makes it available for immediate reuse around the building
  • More streamlined EcoDisc can be fitted into smaller elevator shafts, allowing for larger lift interiors
Better partnership

KONE’s focus on full life cycle management is also evident in their approach to manage the environmental impacts of their business from design and manufacturing to maintaining and modernising the equipment.

Streamlined designs and installation methods reduce the number of technicians required on site and eliminate unnecessary site visits. After installation, regular professional maintenance of equipment prevents breakdowns and increases its operational lifetime.

Wireless solutions allow information to be shared between KONE’s Customer Care Centre and technicians in the field, ensuring that they have accurate information and the right tools to fix a problem in a single service visit.

Remote monitoring capabilities enable faster response and accurate fault identification, resulting in fewer call-outs and better planned maintenance visits.

Lifecycle analysis shows that the carbon footprint of an elevator or escalator is maximised when in use. KONE has dedicated significant effort to reducing the energy consumption of their volume elevators by more than 75% since 2008.
KONE’s long-term environmental objectives:

  • Further improve the energy and eco-efficiency of various solutions
  • Modernise existing elevators and escalators to be more energy-efficient
  • Further reduce the environmental impact of operations, particularly KONE’s operational carbon footprint
  • Stay focused on these goals to deliver real benefits in terms of managing the full lifecycle of their products so that their clients remain committed to ‘Partnering for Life’ with KONE