High-speed, high-capacity, eco-efficient regenerative drives from KONE Elevators are designed to work with KONE EcoDisc elevators. KONE eco-efficient regenerative drives provide speeds up to 3 m/s, with loads up to 1600 kg, and the capacity to handle up to 240 starts/h. KONE eco-efficient regenerative drives offer extremely accurate stopping to improve safety, that can also be programmed to fit the acceleration/ jerk values. Ride comfort can be customised suit the requirements of different buildings/customers.  

KONE understands the importance of energy efficiency. Their permanent magnet synchronous motors consume up to 70% less energy than conventional elevator solutions, with 30-40% lower peak starting current requirements. KONE also offer eco-efficient regenerative systems, which recover up to 30% of the elevator system’s total energy consumption.  

KONE eco-efficient regenerative drives employ Modulated Line Bridge technology to continuously supply energy back to the power network during the braking phase. The KONE EcoDisc motor acts as a generator, and the car, counterweight and braking system generate energy that is converted into electrical current that can be used elsewhere in the building or to drive other elevators. Up to 30% of the total electricity used by an elevator can be recovered, resulting in lower net electricity consumption in the building and significant cost savings. The energy regeneration system must be linked back to the building’s electrical network for the electricity to be used in the building.  

Key features of KONE eco-efficient regenerative drives include:    

  • Economic operation and installation
  • Up to 30% energy savings with regeneration and permanent magnet motor
  • Low Amps (A) for starting power
  • Low kWh in operational use
  • Seamless integration with power supply
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • High undervoltage tolerance
  • Good power factor: 0.95 or better
  • Comfortable ride
  • Optimum speed curves
  • Reduced in-car vibration