For the first time in human history, half the people in the world live in cities. In 2050, the world’s population will have grown to 9 billion people, with almost 2/3 of them living in cities.

As urban areas grow and the cost of energy keeps rising, the challenge is to design buildings that are environmentally efficient and ensure smooth people flow.

Kone Elevators  are meeting this challenge by developing innovations for managing people flow and by improving the environmental efficiency of its solutions.

The Kone elevator or escalator is built to last for a life-cycle extending even to 2050 and beyond. The Kone elevator incorporates energy saving solutions that keep the total cost of ownership low, while reducing the ecological footprint of buildings.

Kone Elevators’ maintenance and modernisation services help customers keep their equipment operating efficiently and looking good for its entire lifetime.

The Kone machine room-less elevators have saved as much electricity as is produced by a typical 250MW power plant.

This is equivalent to the consumption of two million barrels of oil or the CO2 emissions of 100,000 cars driving around the world.