The new RainCan showerheads from Kohler Co incorporate the innovative Katalyst technology to provide a luxurious drenching shower with large, heavy rain drops, using less water than many conventional water-saving showers.  

Developed by Kohler, a global leader in bathroom technology, the new Katalyst technology injects two litres of air every minute into the water flow to create large, heavy water droplets.  

Guided by gravity rather than water pressure, the droplets emulate the invigorating, intense drenching experienced in natural rain showers using only eight litres of water a minute.  

Kohler’s new RainCan shower heads featuring the Katalyst technology are available in round and square models, each designed in 200mm and 250mm sizes.  

Kohler has also combined the RainCan showerhead with a large EO hand shower in a single installation called the RainDuet shower column.  

Key features of Kohler’s new RainCan showerheads: 

  • Constructed from solid brass with polished chrome finish 
  • MasterClean spray face features translucent nozzles that resist mineral build-up and are easy to clean 
  • Spray face is configured to optimise the water pattern and droplet size for superior coverage and rinsing performance 
  • Concealed Venturi valve reduces noise levels to ensure a seriously relaxing showering experience 
  • Combination of two shower options ensures a complete and versatile showering experience 
  • Can be mounted with a ceiling arm or a 90-degree wall arm 
  • EO hand held showers feature a polished chrome non-metallic hose and a built-in diverter with integral water feed for clean installation 
  • Three star WELS water conservation rating 
The RainCan showerheads and RainDuet shower columns are available nationally from Tradelink stores.