Perth civil engineering company, Reilly Contractors, has comprehensive strategic planning and the Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia  SK80MSR compact excavators to thank for its rapidly growing success.

Reilly Contractors specialises in subdivisions and special contracts including rail and mining sectors, currently employing 16 qualified people including 6 operators.

“We did a significant amount of preliminary planning for the business and the results are better than we expected. We are six months ahead of our business plan,” says Managing Director, Mike Reilly.

Mike says there’s been no luck attached to the company’s success and every step has been carefully planned. Part of the success strategy has included the recent addition of a Kobelco SK80MSR excavator.

“We were working on a subdivision project in Serpentine where the clearing permit requirements meant that trees and other flora could not be felled or removed. To this end manoeuvrability of the machine was critical to ensure environmental factors were complied with.”

“The Kobelco SK80MSR 8 tonner manoeuvred around the trees with ease without causing any damage and easily dug trenches in the hard clay ground,” Mike concludes.

The Kobelco SK80 is now being used for stormwater drainage works at a subdivision project in Byford, Western Australia.

“The zero tail swing of the Kobelco compact excavators is ideal for the limited working space available near vehicle traffic and live overhead power poles along the excavation route. Although it is only an eight tonner it has both the dig range and power required to successfully complete the job,” says Mike.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the power from such a small machine. It has excellent muscle and is incredibly reliable. Our operators have also been rapt with the SK80’s comfort and overall performance.”