Kooltherm K10 FM G2 soffit boards from Kingspan Insulation were installed in a Macquarie Park building, meeting compliance requirements.

The new soffit board insulation was selected for the billion dollar commercial development in New South Wales ahead of the 1 May cut-off date for Kingspan’s predecessor product, which has been phased out. Several projects around the country have installed the new compliant insulation, with the product seamlessly replacing the existing boards.

Kingspan’s new phenolic foam insulation board, Kooltherm K10 FM G2 features a thicker foil facing, increasing its fire performance to comply with the newly implemented NCC standard AS 5637.

Enviro Acoustics Pty Ltd, national installers of Kingspan Insulation products, made the decision to run with the new Kooltherm K10 FM G2 product before the arrival of the cut-off date. This ensured that the Macquarie Park building would be completed with a compliant product.

“The billion-dollar commercial development, opposite the newly upgraded Macquarie Park Metro Station, will eventually accommodate 120,000m² of office space over 3.2 hectares,” says Wayne Pierce, project manager for Enviro Acoustics.

“Our partner, the John Holland Group recognised the benefit to both the bottom line and the installation timeframe associated with the new Kooltherm K10 FM G2 soffit board, and did not hesitate in agreeing to the upgraded system,” adds Pierce.

The installation at the Macquarie Park building has received positive feedback with many complimenting the consistency of the product, foil facing finish, and workability.