The Somerton site of Kingspan Insulation has truly embraced a new operational culture by adopting WCOM, a management philosophy focussed on improving process within the organisation so that it becomes ‘World Class’.

The philosophy of WCOM or World Class Operations Management is based on being the best, the fastest, and the lowest cost producer as measured by the organisation’s customers and industry experts.

Part of Somerton’s operational strategy, WCOM at the Kingspan facility is driven by a culture where losses are systematically identified and reduced or eliminated. Losses refer to anything that adds cost but not value.

As a result, it leads to constant improvement of products, processes and services so that Kingspan retains its industry leadership and ensures customer satisfaction.

As part of WCOM, the Somerton manufacturing facility has to systematically and constantly measure, review and improve its activities across all areas including health and safety, quality, environment and energy.