Kooltherm K10 soffit boards from Kingspan Insulation have received the coveted FM Approval, a third-party certification that assures a product has been objectively tested to conform to the highest national and international fire standards.

Originally called Factory Mutual Laboratories, FM Approvals was founded in the United States in 1886, and one of the first companies globally dedicated to the testing of fire protection services. Since 2015, FM Approvals has expanded beyond the United States with worldwide operations including Europe, India and South America.

Kingspan’s Kooltherm K10 soffit board FM is accredited with Class 4880 for the intended application in ceilings. Kooltherm K10 is a super high performance, fibre-free rigid thermoset, closed cell phenolic insulation designed specifically for concrete soffit applications.

To achieve FM accreditation, Kingspan’s Kooltherm K10 product was put through vigorous testing after being installed in the ceiling of a full scale burn test (UBC 26-3), and set alight.

Holding the FM Approval accreditation gives assurance to insurers that the product does not present any further fire risk to the building. Recognised and respected across the globe, the approval helps building owners in securing building insurance and keeping insurance premiums low.

Kingspan’s Technical R&D and Accreditation Manager, Keith Anderson explains that many large commercial property developers and building owners, whether insured by FM Global or not, demand FM-approved products due to their stringent and comprehensive testing standards. Therefore, having FM approval for Kooltherm K10 gives customers and their insurers the Kingspan assurance of peace of mind.