Kooltherm K17 and Kooltherm K18 from Kingspan Insulation are 2-in-1 insulated plasterboard products suitable for all types of buildings.
Featuring 10mm-thick plasterboard surface panels pre-bonded to Kooltherm panels, Kooltherm is a super high-performance, rigid, thermoset insulation material with an insulation core that varies in thickness from 25mm to 80mm, depending on application requirements and the unique attributes of the structure.
This generous selection of depths makes Kingspan Kooltherm insulated plasterboard products ideal for both new and existing structures of all ages and dimensions, from the smallest apartment to the largest commercial building.
Kooltherm K17 and K18 insulated plasterboards combine premium energy efficiency and simple installation processes with slimline design to deliver space-saving practicality, reduced heating and cooling costs, and enhanced building functionality. Kingspan Kooltherm offers solutions for both wall insulation and roof insulation, as well as for concrete and masonry walls or timber/ steel framed walls.
Key features of Kingspan Kooltherm K17 insulated plasterboards: 

  • Opposing glass tissue facing, designed for adhesive fixing directly to solid concrete or masonry surfaces
  • Slimline design allows insulated walls to maintain thin profiles, maximising precious floor areas while still achieving superb energy efficiency and comfort
  • Space-efficient solution
Key features of Kingspan Kooltherm K18 insulated plasterboards: 

  • Designed for applications where panels need to be affixed to timber or steel framing
  • Opposing face of highly reflective aluminium foil, designed for mechanical fixing to the framing studs
  • Enables wall cavities to be preserved intact, rather than filled with insulation bulk
  • Helps maintain plenty of usable space for plumbing and electrical conduits
  • Ideal for commercial premises where placement of data cabling and electrical connections is constantly under review
  • Lightweight and thin panel perfect for steeply pitched or cathedral ceilings, where there may be limited space between roofs and ceilings