Kingspan Insulated Panels (Kingspan) has achieved renewed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) listings on several core products in line with its global Planet Passionate 10-year sustainability program and its ongoing commitment to enhance industry-wide sustainability.

Kingspan Insulated Panels general manager Jonathan Wormwell said Kingspan was pleased to have secured renewed EPD listings for its PIR Core product range.

“Achieving this certification ensures that Kingspan continues to be at the forefront of sustainable building supply measures and is helping the Australian building and construction industry meet its objectives in delivering green-certified buildings in 2023 and beyond.”

EPDs are independently verified and registered documents that help to quantify the environmental credentials of an organisation’s products and services and communicate these with customers and consumers. Achieving EPDs for building and construction products also demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to sustainability, while allowing buildings to fast-track their goal to obtain carbon neutral certification under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification.

To achieve EPD certification, Kingspan’s products underwent a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that considers the whole life cycle, assessing its compliance against the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards ISO 14040, ISO 14044, and ISO 14025.

An LCA has rigorous criteria that go beyond the environmental impact of producing a specific product or service. It also considers the origins of a product’s raw materials for each product, its transportation and processing, production, installation, maintenance, use, and end of life.

Wormwell said EPDs are increasingly important for the Australian building and construction sector because they ensure customers know what products can deliver the most sustainable construction projects from beginning to end.

“Obtaining this certification is crucial for Kingspan to support the wider industry in building more sustainable, green-certified buildings.

“EPD listings for Kingspan products give our customers the power to ensure that their choice meets their green building and sustainable infrastructure needs.”

Kingspan’s renewed EPD listings align with the company’s global 10-year sustainability program, Planet Passionate. Planet Passionate is Kingspan’s commitment to increasing its direct use of renewable energy, reducing company waste in landfill, achieving net zero carbon manufacturing, and reducing product CO2 intensity from primary supply partners by 50 per cent by 2030.

“Contributing to the sustainability of the building and construction industries is of the utmost importance to Kingspan both in Australia and globally,” Wormwell said.

“Kingspan recognises the importance of moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and is dedicated to delivering more sustainable and eco-friendly building supplies for green-certified buildings.

“By committing to more sustainable practices and achieving renewed EPD listings and certifications in Australia, Kingspan will not only continue to improve its carbon emissions but will also help reduce the carbon footprint of buildings that use Kingspan products.”

Kingspan products that have achieved a renewed EPD listing include:

  • KS1100CS/1200CS Coldstore Panel
  • KS1100RL/1200RL Roofliner Panel
  • KS1100KP Karrier Wall Panel
  • Evolution Panelised Façade
  • Architectural Wall Panel
  • KS1000RW Wall Panel
  • KS1000RW Roof Panel
  • K-Clad Wall Panel
  • K-Clad Roof Panel

The Kingspan EPD is valid for five years, after which it will be revised and updated.