Kings Roller Grilles and Shutters (KRGS) has been contracted to supply folding closures for the rebuilding works being undertaken as part of the upgrade at the Nadi international airport in Fiji.

The $AU29 million dollar redevelopment is being executed within a fully operational airport with some sections to be closed during construction. The project will see a 4,000-square-metre increase in floor space to accommodate a new check-in building, additional counters, more carousels, higher ceilings and new safety systems, allowing improved passenger flow and better accessibility.

Faiz Kahn, the executive chairman of Airports Fiji said that the upgrade was being done to transform the facility into “the best small international airport”.

KRGS Roller Grilles and Shutters is working with local Fijian Company Tappoo to provide folding closures for their stores at the airport.

The airport project is very significant for KRGS as it’s their first in Fiji. The company’s past experience on international sites has paid dividends in this project, especially when dealing with local businesses to ensure project timelines are met. KRGS was also able to train and educate local workers on the operations of their doors.