A great time saver, Kimberley’s popular heavy duty manhole frames take only minutes to install. They fit all standard 450 - 600mm ceiling joist centres. They are constructed from hi-impact plastic, creating an attractive appearance in white. They can also be painted if desired.

All Kimberley’s heavy duty manhole frames are Australian made. Sizes available are: KMH01 - 450mm x 600mm, KMH02 - 600mm x 600mmm, and KMH03 - 450mm x 450mm.

The manhole frames can be purchased on their own or with various doors. For increased security there is the Kimberley lockable manhole system which comes with a hi-impact plastic door, featuring a patented key lock mechanism. It is available only in the two larger sizes mentioned previously.

A recent new addition to the manhole range is a model complete with a 16mm melamine door panel. The panel is completely detachable, has a smooth finish that can also be painted if required to suit and is available in the same sizes as the heavy duty manhole frame.

If headroom is an issue, Kimberley’s has a hinged manhole system with a metal door. This model can be mounted in both wall and ceiling applications and comes with a standard commercial slot type lock, operated with a standard screwdriver. It is available in all manhole frame sizes.

Whatever your access hardware needs, Kimberley’s is sure to have a product to suit your needs.