An exclusive range of acoustic panels that meet BER requirements is available from Keystone Linings. The range of acoustic panels has been developed to consider environmental and budgetary factors.  

Keystone Linings’ innovative Key-Endura fibre cement panels are the preferred choice of acoustic panel for the BER projects. Key-Endura (fc) panels are manufactured to suit the standards specified by the BER and acoustic panels are available in 9mm square or recessed edge. The acoustic panels are also popular due to their strength and durability.

Key-Endura acoustic panels can be used in the following applications for sound insulation:


  • Auditoriums
  • Classroom wall and ceilings 
  • Multi-purpose Halls 
  • Sports Halls

Acoustic panels from Keystone Linings are also offered in three other versatile materials that are aesthetically pleasing and acoustically effective. They include



  • Key-Eclipse: Group 1(no added formaldehyde MDF) 
  • Key-Ply: Plywood AC Hoop Pine 
  • Key-Board: 13mm Plasterboard

Further information on BER products can be obtained from Keystone Acoustics’ technical department.