Kennards Lift and Shift  has a huge variety of stair climbing equipment aimed to help carrying heavy loads up and down stairs including electric stair climbers and stair robots.

Four different models of electric stair climbers ensure a wide range of load weight is catered for, with the SR450 model having a S.W.L. of 350kg and the ability to work at a 45 degree angle. The SR450 also has a working speed of 4m per minute and a folding swivel wheel for easy turning in confined spaces.

The Powermate electric stair climber has a fully automatic breaking system and a lifting capacity of up to 295kg. The lighter duty electric stair climbers are available with load straps and forklift attachments.

Stair robots are ideal for large or fragile loads that need to be taken up or down stairs. These robots are able to lift up to 1000kg. Caterpillar tracks allow for better load distribution and gradeability. The stair robot can also work at a 45 degree angle.

Also available in Kennards Lift and Shift’s stair climbing range is the Tailgate Loader which is perfect for loading loads onto a tray or loading dock.