Hired from Kennards Lift & Shift , a modular 20 metre long spreader beam enabled the historic removal of toll booths from Sydney’s M4 motorway to be carried out with minimal disruption to traffic. Opened in 1992 and built by Statewide Roads, the M4 was Sydney’s first toll road in the automobile era. The NSW Government assumed ownership of the road and removed the toll when the concession finished in February 2010.

Using the hire equipment, Everwilling Cranes was able to lift the two canopies, each 45m long and 15m wide and weighing 30 tonne, while keeping them intact.

Everwilling Cranes was engaged by GPP Excavations & Demolition Contractors, who had been contracted by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority.

Jamie Henderson, operations manager for Everwilling Cranes, said the motorway only had to be closed for two six hour periods at night as each canopy removed in one piece.

Commenting on the hire equipment from Kennards Lift & Shift, Jamie Henderson said, “The 20 metre spreader beam was excellent. We took load on each point without putting excessive strain on any of them.”

“While we have our own heavy-duty spreader beams, the longest is 14 metres.”

The Kennards Lift & Shift spreader beam hire equipment is completely modular and can be can be used in various lengths up to the 20 metres maximum and is able to lift up to 145 tonne at 13.5m and 76 tonne at 20m.